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Licensed Practical Nurse Association of Ohio, Inc
Serving Nurses for 65 Years!
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  Furnishing the information to the general public about practical nursing for 65 Years.
  Protecting the welfare and interests of licensed practical nurses.
  Proactively participating in the legislative process to effect desired outcomes.

Providing a vehicle for Ohio Licensed Practical Nurses to have a voice in the laws, rules, and policies governing their practices.

Appropriately disseminating information related to national trends in education, employment practices and legislation that impact practical nursing.

Maintaining active involvement with students enrolled in basic practical nursing education programs

Promoting and/or providing continuing education programs designed to increase the knowledge, skills and professional development of licensed practical nurses, and

Working in cooperation with regulatory agencies to help maintain and/or improve standards relating to competent practice as a licensed practical nurse.


CODE OF ETHICS: The Licensed Practical Nurse shall practice, at all times, in an ethical manner by upholding the following principles:

  • Consider as a basic obligation the conservation of life and the prevention of disease;
  • Promote and protect the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health of the patient/client and significant others;
  • Fulfill all duties faithfully, efficiently, and safely;
  • Function within the parameters established by the practice act and any other applicable laws or rules;
  • Accept personal responsibility for his/her acts;
  • Maintain the respect and confidence of all members of the health care team, as a valued member of the health care team;
  • Provide conscientious care and charge just remuneration;
  • Hold in confidence all matters coming to his/her knowledge in the practice of his/her profession, and in no way and at no time violate this confidence beyond professional necessity;
  • Respect professional boundaries and the personal property of all patients/clients;
  • Become acquainted with and respect the religious and cultural beliefs of his/her patient/client and of all people;
  • At all times while in the delivery of direct patient/client care, wear the licensing credentials of the “Licensed Practical Nurse” or the initials“LPN”;
  • Meet his/her obligation to the patient/client by keeping abreast of current trends in health care through reading and continuing education; and
  • Actively promote legislation that will meet the safe health needs of its people.


1942  National Association for Practical Nurse Education and Service (NAPNES was incorporated in Ohio
1947 Ohio organized as the Practical Nurse Association of Ohio
1955  Governor signed the bill that provided for three LPN's to serve on the Board of Nursing
1965  Passage of bill providing mandatory Licensure for practical nurses.
1966 Our name changed to Licensed Practical Nurse Association of Ohio(LPNAO)
1975  Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, and Southwest regions established
1980  Definition of practical nursing accepted
1983 Committee formed on planning and revision of The Nurse Practice Act
1985  Mildred H. Smith retired as Executive Secretary and was voted Executive Secretary Emeritus
1986 Ann Bauer employed as Executive Director
1988 House Bill 528 signed by Governor which provided one more LPN on the Board of Nursing and stipulated that RN's and LPN's have Continuing Education to renew their license
1990 LPN was elected vice-president of Ohio Board of Nursing
1992  LPNAO approved by the Board of Nursing as a CE Approver
1993 The role of LPN was expanded to include IV Therapy
1994  Independent Study developed by our Education Consultant

Nominate the Licensed Practical Nurse, who in your opinion, or in the opinion of the division, best exemplifies the spirit and professional standards of an LPN.

An award consisting of a banner and flowers will be given at the Annual LPN Convention during the Saturday evening Banquet at our LPNAO Annual Convention in October.

The person nominating a fellow member is required to submit a written explanation, of 150 words or less, telling how they feel the person nominated exemplifies the spirit and professional standards of an LPN.

1. How long the person has been in nursing

2. Must be a current member of LPNAO

3. Actively employed in nursing (indicate where)

4. Involvement in health care or community health care activities

5. Continuing education

6. Contributions to the profession or the organization

 Send all nominations before  October 5th each year to:


1310 St. Paris Road

Springfield, Ohio 45504